Messier deep sky objects

NGC deep sky objects

NGC 55: Whale Galaxy

NGC 104: 47 Tucanae

NGC 247: Spiral Galaxy in Cetus

NGC 253: Silver Coin Galaxy

NGC 281: Pacman Nebula

NGC 660: Polar Ring Galaxy

NGC 844 & NGC 869: Double Cluster

NGC 891: Silver Sliver Galaxy

NGC 1097: Barred Spiral Galaxy in Fornax

NGC 1291: Lenticular Galaxy in Eridanus

NGC 1300: Barred Spiral Galaxy

NGC 1313: Topsy Turvy Galaxy

NGC 1333: Reflection Nebula in Perseus

NGC 1365: Barred Spiral Galaxy in Fornax

NGC 1433: Barred Spiral Galaxy in Horologium

NGC 1499: California Nebula

NGC 1512: Barred Spiral Galaxy in Horologium

NGC 1532: Haley's Coronet

NGC 1566: Spanish Dancer

NGC 1672: Barred Spiral Galaxy in Dorado

NGC 1763: Bean Nebula in LMC

NGC 1955: Open Cluster in N51D, LMC

NGC 2014 & NGC 2020: Cosmic Reef

NGC 2021: Open cluster in LMC

NGC 2024: Flame Nebula

NGC 2029: Open cluster in LMC

NGC 2032: Seagull Nebula in LMC

NGC 2070: Tarantula Nebula

NGC 2170: Angel Nebula

NGC 2244: Rosette Nebula

NGC 2264: Cone Nebula & Christmas Tree Cluster

NGC 2359: Thor's Helmet

NGC 2438: Planetary Nebula in Puppis

NGC 2442: Meathook Galaxy

NGC 2467: Skull and Crossbones Nebula

NGC 2516: Southern Beehive

NGC 2736: Pencil Nebula

NGC 2841: Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major

NGC 2903: Barred Spiral Galaxy in Leo

NGC 3199: Banana Nebula in Carina

NGC 3293: Open Cluster

NGC 3324: Gabriela Mistral Nebula

NGC 3372: Carina Nebula

NGC 3503: Emission Nebula in Carina

NGC 3532: Wishing Well Cluster

NGC 3576: Statue of Freedom Nebula

NGC 4038: Antennae Galaxies

NGC 4214: Irregular Dwarf Galaxy in Canes Venatici

NGC 4372: Globular Cluster in Musca

NGC 4567 & NGC 4568: Butterfly Galaxies or Siamese Twins

NGC 4755: Jewel Box

NGC 4945: Barred Spiral Galaxy

NGC 5128: Centaurus A

NGC 5139: Omega Centauri

NGC 5248: Spiral Galaxy in Bootes

NGC 5364: Spiral Galaxy in Virgo

NGC 5981: Spiral Galaxy in Draco

NGC 5982: Elliptical Galaxy in Draco

NGC 5985: Spiral Galaxy in Draco

NGC 6164/6165: Bipolar Nebula in Norma

NGC 6188: Dragons of Ara

NGC 6302: Butterfly Nebula

NGC 6334: Cat's Paw Nebula

NGC 6357: Lobster Nebula

NGC 6543: Cat's Eye Nebula

NGC 6559: Starforming region in Sagittarius

NGC 6712: Globular Cluster in Scutum

NGC 6723: Globular Cluster in Sagittarius

NGC 6729: RCrA Variable Nebula

NGC 6744: Milky Way alike Galaxy

NGC 6822: Barnard's Galaxy

NGC 6872: Condor Galaxy

NGC 6888: Crescent Nebula

NGC 6946: Fireworks Galaxy

NGC 6960: Western Veil Nebula

NGC 6979: Pickering's Triangle

NGC 6992: Eastern Veil Nebula

NGC 7000: North-America Nebula

NGC 7023: Iris Nebula

NGC 7129: Reflection Nebula in Cepheus

NGC 7293: Helix Nebula

NGC 7380: Wizard Nebula

NGC 7635: Bubble Nebula

NGC 7793: Spiral Galaxy in Sculptor

NGC 7822: HII-region in Cepheus

Other deep sky catalogues

Abell 1060: Hydra Cluster

Abell 85: CTB 1, supernova remnant in Cassiopeia

Arp 286: Virgo trio

Barnard 8, 9, 11, 12 & 13: Dark Nebulae in Camelopardalis

Barnard 14, 18, 19, 22: Dark Nebula in Taurus

Barnard 33: Horsehead Nebula

Barnard 150: Seahorse Nebula

Barnard 228: Dark Wolf Nebula

BBW-56: Molecular cloud in Puppis

Cederblad 111: Blue reflection nebula

CG4: Hand of God, cometary Globule in Puppis

Gum 15: Emission nebula in Vela

IC 405: Flaming Star Nebula

IC 410: Tadpoles Nebula

IC 434: Emission Nebula with the Horsehead Nebula

IC 443: Jellyfish Nebula 

IC 1284: Emission Nebula in Sagittarius

IC 1295: Planetary Nebula in Scutum

IC 1396: Elephant Trunk Nebula

IC 1805: Heart Nebula

IC 1848: Soul Nebula

IC 2118: Witch Head Nebula

IC 2177: Seagull Nebula

IC 2391: Omicron Vela Cluster

IC 2944: Running Chicken Nebula

IC 4592: Blue Horsehead Nebula

IC 4628: Prawn Nebula

IC 5146: Cocoon Nebula

LDN 1235: Dark Shark Nebula

Melotte 25: Hyades

RCW 55: HII region in Carina

RCW 113: HII region in Scorpius

Sandqvist 149: Dark Doodad Nebula

Sandqvist 156: Dark Cloud in Chamaeleon

Sh2-9: Emission Nebula in Scorpius

Sh2-37: Emission Nebula in Sagittarius

Sh2-63: HII-region in Sagittarius

Sh2-101: Tulip Nebula

Sh2-112, Sh2-115 & Sh2-116: HII-regions in Cygnus

Sh2-119: Emission Nebula in Cygnus

Sh2-126: Great Lacerta Nebula

Sh2-129: Flying Bat Nebula & Squid Nebula (Ou4)

Sh2-132: Lion Nebula

Sh2-136: Ghost Nebula

Sh2-157: Lobster Claw Nebula in Cassiopeia

Sh2-185: Ghost of Cassiopeia

Sh2-205 & Sh2-206: Emission Nebulae in Perseus & Camelopardalis

Sh2-223, Sh2-225 & Sh2-227: H II regions in Auriga

Sh2-224: Supernova remnant in Auriga

Sh2-240: Spaghetti Nebula

Sh2-301: Emission Nebula in Canis Major

Sh2-308: Dolphin Nebula

Simeis 57 - DWB 111: Propeller Nebula


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